Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why can't I find a single book about women with autism at Barns and Noble!

I went to Barns and Noble today with the intent to buy some books on Autism, adults with Autism and most importantly Females with Autism. I was only able to find five books that had to do with autism. Two were written by Temple Grandin that I have already had the pleasure of reading and three that had to do with adult males with autism. I even asked someone at the courtesy desk, which involved me making human interaction, which then made me have to take off my headphones and try to wait patiently while the woman tried to look up books which were non existent and then looked at me with sympathy while I rocked back and forth. So then I ended me up in the parenting section. This infuriated me to the extreme. I found a whole section about children with autism (again all had to do with males with autism) one book which was sold as a guide to Autism and on the back had a note about the author which talked about how her son had recovered from Autism. Like it was something that could be cured. I have recently read some awesome and empowering books on my Kindle about women on the spectrum and I was hoping to find more books like that that I could physically turn the page I could not believe that there was not a single one that I could find! I immediately called my fiance while I sat on the floor in the parenting aisle rocking back and forth. I told him my frustration and my disgust with the parenting books that they have on autism all most about curing autism. His response was to write a book about it, about women with Autism. So I came home and decided to start a blog.

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